Capital: Roan
Population: 3,750,000
Languages: Common (Torian dialect), Halfling, Goblin, Giant.

Toria is the smallest continent in Attare, but it is highly populated for its size, and is the home of massive stretches of plains and savannahs, in addition to deserts, mountain ranges, giant lakes, and many varieties of forests.

Despite its small size, though, Toria is perhaps the most strongly united continent in all of Attare. This is almost surely because Toria was the first continent to come under the full and complete control of an effective organized government, and has remained that way for the last 500 years. Thanks to such an extended period of unification, Toria has a strong sense of national solidarity and pride, which makes it incredibly powerful simply by virtue of having a cooperative populace.

Toria is a republic that is led by five representatives known as the Council of Five. Members of the Council are chosen from a group of candidates that have undergone extremely rigorous and extensive selection procedures that test the moral character and mental capacities of the applicants. Of those that succeed, five are ultimately selected via a popularity vote, and those that win in the polls remain as one of the joint rulers of Toria for up to ten years or until they step down. Toria’s current rulers are Brixton Faeldi (LN male human expert 12), Archibald McBaird (NG venerable male human bard 14), Agnetha Hallmarsdottr (LG old female dwarf shaman 10), Abiyram Eaglefeather (CG male Halfling wizard 9), and Hirri Snaveral (N female middle-aged gnome archivist 11).


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