Capital: Krittan
Exports: Armor, weapons, mercenary services, adamantine, metalwork, heavy industry, ale
Languages: Common, Dwarf, Draconic, Giant

Karnorr is the largest continent in Attare, and is quite well populated considering its size. It is characterized by its massive mountain ranges, volcanoes, and expansive lakes and rivers. However, it still home to plains, swamps, forests, and other such areas.

Karnorr was united under one ruler for the first time 32 years ago, and tensions are still high in the nation because of that. Despite its propensity for unrest, or perhaps because of it, Karnorr has one of the strongest armies in the world, with many believing that its military in terms of pure strength rivals even that of Toria. Propaganda has become increasingly common in Karnorr in order to try and create solidarity among the more recently assimilated areas of the nation, and so far, Karnorr has remained at an uneasy peace with itself.

Karnorr is a dictatorship currently ruled by Faranor Tastekk VI (N human fighter 14), the son of Faranor Tastekk V, the conqueror who united Karnorr 32 years ago. Descended from a long line of Karnorrian nobility, Faranor takes his position with great seriousness, seeking to do his line proud by making Karnorr the greatest country in the world. Young and hot-blooded, Faranor has handled Karnorr ineptly at times, and he is greatly disliked by the rulers of other countries. Fortunately for him, and Karnorr as well, he has been receiving beneficial advice from his grandfather on his mother‘s side, Tildor Camion (LN Aristocrat 16), as well as from a recently elected council of advisors, who have helped to temper his more rash governing technique. Faranor’s immediately family is all dead, his father and mother having been assassinated 3 years ago. He has a vast number of aunts, uncles, and cousins though, but he keeps very little contact with them. His grandfather is the only person he truly treats as family.

Karnorr is split into three regions. The region that encompasses all of Karnorr north of Stone Lake is known as Wrakkan. The area is very mountainous and stony, with high altitudes and frequent snows. In spite of this climate, Wrakkan is the most populated region of Karnorr, partially due to the number if Dwarves that live below its surface. Wrakkan is the considered the birthplace of the Karnorrian empire, as Faranorr VI and his family hail from that region. In addition to that, the capital city of Krittan is located there. Industry, metalwork, and mining are Wrakkan’s main exports. The region south of Stone Lake is known as Targacht, and is the second most populated region in Karnorr. However, it has more denizens who reside on the surface than Wrakkan. Mainly characterized by its vast expanses of forest, Targacht is still home to many mountain ranges. Its main exports are agriculture and livestock. The third and final region of Karnorr is Yairn, a small island off of Targacht’s southern coast. Yairn is muddy and swampy, due to its location below sea level, and is prone to frequent flooding. Climate-wise, Yairn is much more temperate than the mainland, but still experiences frequent cold fronts. Yairn is the least populated of all Karnorr’s regions. Its main exports are textiles and seafood.


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