Capitol: Southpoint
Languages: Common, Elven, Orc, Giant, Draconic

Geridia is the second smallest continent on Attare, but in spite of its size, it covers a vast array of climates and biomes, making it the home of vast lakes, boggy wetlands, open grasslands, frigid tundra, taiga, tall deciduous and evergreen forests, and temperate and tropical rainforests.

Geridia is the only continent on which every sovereign state has been united in an alliance. Interestingly, each of these sovereign states retains rule under a duke or duchess, whose strength and authority over the laws of their territory are equal to that of the king of Geridia. Fortunately for the people of Geridia, their country has been blessed with several long lines of rulers, more than a view of which had given rise to benevolent kings. Supposedly, this arrangement came to be under the ruler ship of Lann Surrosstein I, who united the contiguous states of Geridia.

Geridia’s current ruler is Acton sen Gowran. (NG middle-aged male human aristocrat 17), the eighth ruler from the sen’Gowran bloodline, descended from Alaric sen’Gowran, a rebel warrior who overthrew the previous Geridian royal family of the Surrossteins and who assimilated the Elf nation of Lizhia into the Geridian states. Acton is a wise ruler who takes his position in life very seriously and who seeks to do the best he possibly can for those under his rule, though a small part of him chafes at the responsibility and instead wishes to emulate the glory of his ancestors. Acton is currently married to his second wife Elvira Essendre (LG middle-aged female human aristocrat 4) and has five children, four from his first marriage and one from his second. His eldest children are Phe (CG female human sorcerer 13) and Alaric IV (LG male human paladin 8), 21 year old twins from his first marriage. By virtue of being the elder of the two by 1 minute, Phe is currently the crown heir, a position that she resents. As the second-born, Alaric IV was sent into the Geridian military, where he rose through the ranks until he became the commander of the II Cavalry Division. He has recently begun to live in the Royal Castle again. His third child from his first marriage is Aldis sen Gowran (N human archivist 5), Acton’s 19 year old son who has shown little interest in anything but studies of magic and history. He is in a strained relationship with his father and stepmother, and lives alone in the capitol city of Southpoint in Konne. Acton’s fourth child from his first marriage is his 15 year old daughter, Adalyn sen Gowran (NG female human aristocrat 3). Adalyn is often remarked to be her father’s daughter, both in her looks and her temperament. Wise beyond her years and readily amicable, Adalyn is probably the most popular member of the royal family in the eyes of the public. Acton’s youngest child, and his only child by Elvira, is his 5 year old daughter Sadia sen Gowran (NG female human child). A very vivacious and excitable child, Sadia is the apple of her father’s eye. The child spends most of her time following her half-sister Adalyn around the castle. All-in-all, the royal family is both well-respected and loved by the people of Geridia.

Geridia is split into ten states: Konne, Vatch, Castos, Liria, Didierros, Khind, Torvas, Grazzia, Lizhia, and Tak ya.


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